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It's More Than Movies; it's a Movement

Foster System Facts:

  • Only half graduate high school, and fewer than 2% earn a college degree by age 25.
  • Over 40% end up in jail, homeless or dead within 3 years of aging out of the system.
  • 85% of youth recovered in sex trafficking raids in LA county were in the foster system.
  • Former foster youth are more than twice as likely to suffer from PTSD as US War Veterans.

Because of that, our youths’ films address subjects like:

  • Burnt Feathers, Broken Wings: The foster care system
  • Trapped Within and Saving Da’Lenzi: Human trafficking
  • Vigil and Brown: Police brutality
  • Kurupted: Gun violence in schools
  • Parallel: Sexual assault in schools
  • System Failure: Failures in the school system
  • The Other Side: Mental health
  • Last Chance: The criminal justice system

Our Mission

To help foster youth heal and grow from trauma through the power of storytelling and filmmaking.

Our Commitment

To help foster youth confront, address, and overcome the negative statistics of traumatizing experiences such as poverty, abuse and neglect by providing a platform for them to heal and shine through the power of storytelling and filmmaking.